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Suggested Resources

The following may be valuable in approaching our tradition. Please be mindful that all texts are flawed, and not every opinion or argument asserted by any author, teacher, or content creator is endorsed by coven members

Traditional Wicca: A Seekers Guide

by Thorn Mooney

A short, approachable introduction to initiatory Wicca, with an emphasis on contemporary practice rather than history. How to approach a coven, what to expect, common mistakes, etc.

The Triumph of the Moon

by Ronald Hutton

A valuable text for understanding Wicca's history and the contexts in which it developed. As an academic work, this text is considerably less accessible than many others. However, we include it to emphasize our understanding of Wicca as a contemporary religious movement. Seekers may wish to have a passing familiarity of Hutton's arguments, though an academic background is certainly not required to practice Wicca.

A valuable collection of blogs, videos, and suggested books. Simply too comprehensive to recreate here!

Resources: Resources
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